Corporates, Corporates and more Corporates

Hi guys,

it has been a super busy few months been shooting lots of corporate varied films with companies such as Barclays, TNT and QVC, plus delving into property videos – shooting immaculately styled show homes!


I was called into QVC to do 2 corporate films for QVC France – recruitment videos. The one below is the Broadcaster version. It was challenging considering I don’t speak french :), so doing voiceovers as well as filming in French was quite interesting, all in all the client was very happy with the final product.


Over the summer I did a number of videos for Barlcay’s through 90 seconds TV, but out of all of them this was my favourite, mainly as it wasn’t a typical interview setting.


Here are a couple of Property videos that I shot, always good to flex my camera operating muscles – I got some great use out of my slider too :)


TNT were in need of a new Security Video Animation for their employers and I was the creative director:


An initiative called Techstars run by Barclays is a 15 week intensive course for business start ups/entrepreneurs with Digital Ideas/businesses and 90 seconds TV was tasked with shooting the whole experience, out of the 15 РI directed 4 episodes Рwith the 4th currently in post production, below are a couple of those episodes:


I also directed bits for Pride and BST in Hyde Park but haven’t got links to those, will update as soon as I do.


I’ve put this video last but it was in fact the first corporate film I did to kick off my summer of corporate film and well it was one hell of a kick lol:

Hope you enjoyed looking through those videos, till next time :)