My first blog of 2011

I totally forgot I had a blogspot,  I was looking through some others when it occured to me that I have one too lol! My last entry was March 2010 lol, how bad is that, mind you it is a fulltime job keeping all these networking sites up to date!

Let me not bore you with what has happen since then, instead go to to catch up on my 2010.

Bringing you up to speed, I had a fab photoshoot yesterday, my first ever studio shoot and it was so much fun,
a much slower pace to music vids, lets see if im saying the same thing in 6 months time lol. Im gonna learn how to photoshop and upload them for you all soon :)

Music video wise, SHOT: Selah ft Daneo ‘out my house’, survived a 12hr day on 2hrs sleep lol. First edit done, so that too will be out soon, and will post asa for you guys too.

Don’t ask me why at 04:45 im up blogging lolol, but im going to bed now.

Bonne nuit


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  1. Loraine ffrench

    Hi Mark, i'm so sorry i've literally just seen your comment now. Yep I will def edit it, thank you for your comments.

    Will take a look at Zamrish too xx

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