New Chapter Film_The Rehearsals

Hi there, hope you all have been enjoying this glorious weather!! Since the beginning of this year I have been preparing to shoot my short musical film called ”New Chapter”, we wrapped a couple of days ago, it was both an exciting and exhausting process and challenging for me as a director and on a personal level too.

I thought id start by sharing with you ‘The Rehearsal Process” many directors don’t do rehearsals for short films, but I felt that after my last short ‘What are you upto’ that I completed in 2010 that I needed to have time to get to know my actors, as well as going through direction and getting the actors to understand where the dialogue was coming from and where it needed to go, it also helped me in knowing what I was doing lol, and it allowed for the actors to change any dialogue as well as ask questions! This meant that when it came to shoot that we were pretty much getting what we needed in 2 or 3 takes.

There were 3 rehearsals altogether that were done at the Rag Factory. If I was to do the process again, I would have the rehearsals much closer to when we shot.

Below are some BTS videos of the rehearsals over the 3 days:


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